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  • Ain-Shams University Specialized Hospital
  • Spencers411
    Spencers411.com offers information and articles relating to almost any topic. We also feature products for sale from Clickbank, Amazon and Ebay Auctions.
  • Counselling Oxford
    We offer an affordable counselling service. We work with both adults and children. We can offer you a choice of clinics.
  • The Dugong and Wild Egypt
    No part of Egypt is more filled with animal life than the Red Sea. The Red Sea, a long, narrow body of water, stretches from the Sinai Peninsula all the way down to the Gulf of Aden. . A gigantic and colorful assortment of animals and plants live in the Red Sea. The dugong is one of them. Also called the sea cow, the dugong is not a fish, but a mammal. It is related to the elephant, and does look rather like a cow.
  • The Gazette Of The Egyptian Pediatric Association
    Through a quarterly series of clinical and review articles, each issue presents the new advances in pediatric research in Egypt, and addresses rapidly evolving topics which will forge future attitudes necessary for diagnosis & treatment by clinicians .The President is H.K. Baha El-Din and the Vice president is S. Shoheib
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