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  • Drug Holding Company DHC
    "The list of companies belong to DHC Holding Company for Pharmaceuticals Chemicals & Medical Appliances:
    The Chairman:

    Prof .Dr .M. Galal Ghourab.

    # Aim of the Company

    The Holding Company for Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals and Medical Appliances is an Egyptian stock holding company established according to article two of Law 203 for the year 1991.
    The company, through its 12 affiliated companies, can invest its capital in fields of manufacturing, importing, exporting, distribution and trade of Pharmaceuticals, chemicals, medical Appliances and Equipments.
    The company can also invest by itself, and can participate by its own activities, and through its affiliated companies, in developing of the Egyptian National Economy within the general policy of the government.

    To achieve its goals, the company has to:

    (1) Establish affiliated companies and other share holding companies, either alone or by collaboration with other holding companies, public or private entities or individuals from Egypt or from abroad.

    (2) Buy, sell or participate in the capital of share holding companies.Establishment and management of the company portfolio, including its shares, bonds, stocks and other financial means or assets.

    (3) Support development efforts of affiliated companies and funding their research and development to maximize their profits.

    (4) Take all measures that help to fulfill all or some of its goals including commercial agency affairs.

    # The 12 Affiliated Companies Main Activities:
    (1)(CID) Chemical Industries Development.

    (2)(EL-NILE)Nile Co. For Pharmaceuticals & Chemical Industries.

    (3) (EL-Kahira) Kahira Co. For Pharmaceuticals & Chemical Industries.

    (4)(Misr) Misr Co. For Pharmaceuticals & Chemical Industries.

    (5) (Memphis) Memphis Co. for Pharmaceuticals & Chemical Industries.

    (6)(Alexandria) Alexandria Co. For Pharmaceutical & Chemical Industries.

    (7) (ADCO ) Arab Drug Company.

    (8)(EI ? Nasr) EI Nasr Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals Company .

    (9)(Packing) Medical Packing Company.

    (10)(EL-Gomhouria) EL ? Gomhouria Co. For Trading Pharmaceuticals,Chemicals and Medical Applianceshemicals.

    (11)(EL -Masriya) The Egyptian Pharmaceutical Trading Company.

    (12)(SEPCO) South Egypt CO. For Pharma & Chemical Industries.

    Some Important Notes:

    ? All affiliated pharmaceutical manufacturing companies, besides their own local products, they manufacture many international Trade Name products under license from many reputable Multinational or International Pharmaceutical Companies e.g. Merck, Abbot, SKF, Knoll - Boots, Boehringer, Bayer, Richter, Park Davis, Pharmacia, Upjohn, Astra, Madaus, RhonePoulenc Rorer, Ravizza, Sirle, Zeneca, Lilly, Kabi-Pharmacia...etc.

    ? Most of our Manufacturing Companies have obtained ISO 9001 or 9002 or 14001 certificate of quality system.

    ? Each of our Manufacturing Companies has its own R&D laboratories and they apply the latest international GMP regulations.

    # Joint Venture Companies:

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